Young Players Will Still Difficult Playing Minutes In Chelsea

Young Players Will Still Difficult Playing Minutes In Chelsea

Anonio Conte stated openly that he can not guarantee play rations for his young players. The Chelsea manager is not taking any chances and will pick the best player when the league is already running.

This summer Chelsea do a laundry warehouse. Of the 18 players who left Stamford Bridge on loan or permanent status, 16 of them were young players or academically-trained. This ‘tradition’ has actually lasted a long time in the body of the Blues.

Of a number of young players dilego, some have a very high value. Nathan Ake for example. The young Dutch defender moved to AFC Bournemouth with a £ 20million dowry. Not to mention Bertrand Traore who bought Olympique Lyonnais for 10 million Pounds Sterling.

Although often criticized for never being a friendly place for youngsters who need hours of flying, Chelsea still seem to want to survive with how they work. If no young players are really special then automatic doors for them in the main team is closed. This is confirmed by Conte himself.

“The problem of young players is always a debate but during this pramusim they showed good behavior. However when back to England, then the best decision I have to make. I think this (not wearing young players) is common in football, “said Conte when asked about the chances of spawning one or two players from the London Blue academy.

“From time immemorial challenges are always there for the youngster but if anyone has a good skill and is ready why not ?,” added the Italian tactician.

Although seemed to have the impression of ‘anti’ young players, but in the summer transfer window is also Chelsea want to spend much money for one of them. Tiemoue Bakayoko is just 22 years old, they are transported from the US Monaco with a price of 39.8 million Pounds Sterling.

The French midfielder had become the club’s most expensive player before his record was broken Alvaro Morata (24) who came from Real Madrid with a tag of £ 70 million. (Source: Daily Star)