Toure: New Poisisi I Similar in Barcelona

Toure: New Poisisi I Similar in Barcelona

Yaya Toure recently revealed that the new role he plays in Manchester City is similar to what he runs while still playing in Barcelona Agen Ibcbet.

The reason, from some games that he has played, Toure is more often placed as a midfielder who is in front of four players behind. He became the liaison between the back and center lines. As well as being an opponent attack breaker.

This role is also similar to what he lived while still playing in Barcelona. The Ivory Coast player was comfortable with this role. In fact, during this time Toure often played as attacking midfielder.

“In Barcelona, I used to play with a position like that. I’m a player with a lot of experience, “Toure told local media.

Toure himself has no trouble with his new position. Because he already knew well the character of the manager, Pep Guardiola.