Do not Blame Beto!

Do not Blame Beto!

Coach FC, Hartono Ruslan, ask the supporters of the team nicknamed Laskar Wong Kito Alberto Goncalves was not to blame for failing to score a goal against Persegres Gresik in League 1 in Lamongan Surajaya Stadium, Monday (07/24/2017) Agen Domino Online. Therefore, the failure to execute a penalty ever experienced a number of big stars in the world.

“So far, Beto has always been the best in training and do not blame Beto for failing to complete the task of being a penalty taker,” said Hartono.

“World player classmate Diego Maradona had never failed in kicking a penalty,” he said again.

Recognized this Solo coach, in the game facing Persegres foster children create many opportunities. But because of a minor error, they failed to score a goal.

“In previous games when facing Bali United, we are also a lot to create chances and failed to be scored. It is a weakness that must be corrected,” said Hartono, who added that the decision does not degrade Tijani Belaid for the new players come in from Singapore to take care of Kitas.

Failure to achieve full points against Persegres make Sriwijaya FC remain in the bottom of the standings. They collected a total of 19 points and was in the order to-15, two adrift of Persela Lamongan and Persib Bandung who are above it.

Barcelona’s Left Back Against Responding Issue Neymar, What’s He Saying?

Barcelona’s Left Back Against Responding Issue Neymar, What’s He Saying?

Gerard Pique recently claimed through his Twitter account that Neymar will refuse to join PSG. This led to a reaction from Jordi Alba that he hoped Pique’s post was not a mere joke.

Pique’s post was highlighted when she posted a photo of herself with Neymar on her media social account. He gave a caption of ‘He survived’, a word intended for his colleague who is being linked with his move to PSG.

A lot of speculation emerged after the post. Until someone feels optimistic that true indeed, Neymar will reject the crazy super bid posted Les Parisiens to redeem it from Barca worth 222 million Euros. The value is a release clause in the Neymar contract.

It is enough to make Alba also want to talk about rumors of his team mate’s move. Although he admitted so far there is no conversation with Neymar on this matter. He can only hope that Pique’s post is a truth not a copy.

“You should ask Geri (Pique) about her statement,” explained Alba as quoted from Mundo Deportivo.

“I have not talked to Neymar about the subject. I do not think that’s a joke from Pique. I hope not like that. ”

Another report from the French media said that the post made Pique has surprised many parties. And indicates that the 25-year-old winger still has not determined the attitude for his future.

Hope Neymar last as long as possible

Alba said he did not know what Neymar was planning for his future. One thing he is sure is that Neymar is very happy with his life in Spain.

“Neymar is a Barca player until he tells the others. Neymar is very calm, he is very happy in Barca, ”

“I do not have to convince anyone to do anything. I’m not in the mind of any of my colleagues, ”

“For me, this is the best club in the world. I’m at home, with my family. Every player has his opinion and every player does what he should do. ”

“You must respect that Neymar is still a Barca player and we hope to have it as long as possible.” (Source: Sportskeeda)

PSV Take off Willems to Frankfurt

PSV Take off Willems to Frankfurt

PSV officially unleashed Jetro Willems to Bundesliga club Eintrancht Frankfurt Agen Domino Online.

The Dutch fullback has been given the green light to leave the club’s pre-season session, with him previously rumored to be joining the AS Roma camp.

But it turns out the player even taken by last season’s DFB-Pokal finalist Eintrancht Frankfurt, with them ready to offer a five-year contract to the 23-year-old player.

“I really want to move to a club that can give me a good perspective, about where I will be played regularly,” Willems told reporters.

“I had a good discussion with the club management and the coach. I’m sure if I can make a step forward at Eintrancht Frankfurt. “

Mourinho Reluctant to Discuss Chelsea

Mourinho Reluctant to Discuss Chelsea

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho admits he is not interested in discussing Alvaro Morata’s transfer to Chelsea.

Prior to this, the Red Devils were a club linked with Morata transfers. But their failure in reaching a price agreement with Real Madrid, made the transfer to be undone.

“I’m not at all interested in the work done by Chelsea, I’m really not interested,” said the Portuguese man told reporters.

“We need a new striker, with [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic at his best, we need other players to give cover and give us options. He and [Marcus] Rashford are not enough, especially after Zlatan’s injury. ”

“I think Chelsea have obviously shown their interest in bringing in a new striker, especially after the situation between the [Antonio Conte] and Diego [Costa] managers.”

“They will obviously bring in a new striker, and they decide to bring in Alvaro, and Alvaro is a very good player for them.”

Navas: Stay in Madrid, Morata

Navas: Stay in Madrid, Morata

Last season Morata played more as a coating player. Zinedine Zidane often lowered the 24-year-old striker when doing a rotation on his squad.

In La Liga, Morata only 14 appear as a starter of a total of 26 times played. However, the former Juventus player was still productive by scoring 15 goals.

Not always so the main choice to make Morata reportedly want to leave. Had close to Manchester United, Morata is now rumored to be targeted AC Milan.

But Navas did not want Madrid to lose Morata. The Costa Rican goalkeeper also does not want to have to deal with Morata as an opponent in the future.

“As a team mate I always liked to have the best (players), and Alvaro is one of them,” said Navas as reported by ESPN FC.

“Everyone in the club, the players, wants him with us, obviously when you have a great player you do not want to face him as an opponent.”

“He helped us a lot last season and next season he can help more, I hope he is with us for many more years,” he said.