Pele Say Goodbye to Neymar

Pele Say Goodbye to Neymar

The Brazilian legend, Pele, congratulated Neymar, who decided to join the French giants Paris Saint-Germain Agen Ibcbet.

Pele considers Neymar is now facing a new challenge in his career as a professional footballer.

In addition to consider that way, Pele considers Les Parisien is the right club for Neymar to continue his career.

Pele said “I think Neymar will now face a new challenge soon.”

“PSG is the right club for Neymar to continue his career.”

“I have great hopes Neymar will succeed at the Parc des Princes.”

“And in my opinion, Paris is a very beautiful city, and one of my favorites in the whole world.”

Rodgers Ready to Add Troops to the Team

Rodgers Ready to Add Troops to the Team

Celtic tactician Brendan Rodgers is reported to have given his team more target for next season.

The Celtic manager said about the target on BBC Scotland media on the occasion after victory in the Scottish Cup final. The victory marks the sixth target of a total of seven targets they must achieve for next season.

“He has targeted a little more than last season’s target,” Brown said when asked how to stay motivated after a season without defeat.

“We get more targets than last season, just look what we can achieve.”

Some of the targets that Celtic has to achieve are improving the quality of teamwork and better ball possession.

“We just have to try to keep the targets we have achieved last season, both in training and matches, and trying to increase the number of shots on target, as well as maintaining the achievements we have achieved last season and then improving them.”…

Emre Can Determined to Look Good in Summer

Emre Can Determined to Look Good in Summer

Liverpool midfielder Emre Can has stated that he is in the 2017-2018 competition wanting to play much better Judi Bola.

Last season the appearance of the German national team retainer, somewhat inconsistent for the team and it was after getting injured and experiencing problems on the fitness which makes it time to put in a few weeks.

However, towards the end of the season the player slowly able to reverse his best game though not completely perfect, but managed to bring the Reds to finish the English League in the fourth rank.

Even when appearing in a friendly match last weekend, Can managed to help his team win 3-0 over Hertha Berlin which took place at Olympiastadium. With a return to play in pre-season, the former Bayer Leverkusen player is determined to continue improving and improving it this summer.

“It’s a great season for me and I think it’s a great season for the team as well. Last season we did it pretty well but we can do better, so we will try to do it better this year and keep pressing, ”

“I myself want to keep improving as well and I want to have good faith and play well in the summer.

“Last season to be honest is not the best season. It was difficult for me at the start with some natural injuries and others, but in the end I feel very good, I am a bit of me playing ok and I want to keep improving and stare with a good feeling early in the season.

Meanwhile, after helping his country win the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia the 23-year-old believes it can benefit his development.

“I think it was a very proud moment and it was my first international trophy,”

“I think we did very well as a team there and we also did not expect to win the Cup. Because we played with a young team and yet we are very happy.

“It is always good to play for your country and I play with the top countries. Everyone enjoyed it and I learned a lot.

“If you win a cup then you get the trust. I have confidence and now I want to look at the season with confidence. “Emre Can said on the club’s official website.

Young Players Will Still Difficult Playing Minutes In Chelsea

Young Players Will Still Difficult Playing Minutes In Chelsea

Anonio Conte stated openly that he can not guarantee play rations for his young players. The Chelsea manager is not taking any chances and will pick the best player when the league is already running.

This summer Chelsea do a laundry warehouse. Of the 18 players who left Stamford Bridge on loan or permanent status, 16 of them were young players or academically-trained. This ‘tradition’ has actually lasted a long time in the body of the Blues.

Of a number of young players dilego, some have a very high value. Nathan Ake for example. The young Dutch defender moved to AFC Bournemouth with a £ 20million dowry. Not to mention Bertrand Traore who bought Olympique Lyonnais for 10 million Pounds Sterling.

Although often criticized for never being a friendly place for youngsters who need hours of flying, Chelsea still seem to want to survive with how they work. If no young players are really special then automatic doors for them in the main team is closed. This is confirmed by Conte himself.

“The problem of young players is always a debate but during this pramusim they showed good behavior. However when back to England, then the best decision I have to make. I think this (not wearing young players) is common in football, “said Conte when asked about the chances of spawning one or two players from the London Blue academy.

“From time immemorial challenges are always there for the youngster but if anyone has a good skill and is ready why not ?,” added the Italian tactician.

Although seemed to have the impression of ‘anti’ young players, but in the summer transfer window is also Chelsea want to spend much money for one of them. Tiemoue Bakayoko is just 22 years old, they are transported from the US Monaco with a price of 39.8 million Pounds Sterling.

The French midfielder had become the club’s most expensive player before his record was broken Alvaro Morata (24) who came from Real Madrid with a tag of £ 70 million. (Source: Daily Star)

Warburton Confident with Quality Darikwa

Warburton Confident with Quality Darikwa

Nottingham Forest coach Mark Warburton thinks he is confident about the quality of his new recruit, Tendayi Darikwa Agen Domino Online.


Warburton had hopes Darikwa was able to keep Nottingham’s defense well.

In addition Warburton also has a target to help Nottingham achieve success in the competition next season.

Warburton said “I as a coach can certainly see how much quality a player has.”

“For that I can also judge Darikwa. As long as he was at Burnley, I was sure of him. ”

“And I have hope Darikwa can achieve success in Nottingham.”

Hasil gambar untuk Tendayi Darikwa.

In West Ham, Joe Hart Back Wear the Costume Numbers Memories

In West Ham, Joe Hart Back Wear the Costume Numbers Memories

Joe Hart will no longer use the costume number 1 while defending West Ham United in the Premier League season 2017-2018.

The loan goalkeeper from Manchester City will be wearing the back number 25 next season, a number he also wore several seasons ago.

“Number 25 always has special meaning for me.This number I have used when melakoni debut with Manchester City in 2006,” said Hart to Evening Standard, Wednesday (26/7/2017).

“This number I also use when penetrating the Best Team 2010 with Birmingham.When winning the league title in 2012, I also use this number,” said 30-year-old goalkeeper.

The 2006-2007 season became Hart’s debut with Manchester City. He wears 25 costume numbers for two seasons.

In 2008-2009, when Andreas Isaksson left, Hart inherited the costume number 1. However, the next season he was loaned out to Birmingham City.

Number 25 re-used Hart in 2010-2011 because the number 1 already owned Shay Given. New in the 2012-13 season, he used the number 1 in Manchester City.

“I enjoy a lot of moments with my back number, so why do not I try to go back to number 25 and see what happens,” Hart said.

“I’ve asked for a costume with a short-sleeved design, I’m very excited to be wearing a West Ham costume,” said the England goalkeeper.

Costume number 1 was also no man in West Ham after Darren Randolph was loaned to Middlesbrough. Only, Hart has made a decision.

Do not Blame Beto!

Do not Blame Beto!

Coach FC, Hartono Ruslan, ask the supporters of the team nicknamed Laskar Wong Kito Alberto Goncalves was not to blame for failing to score a goal against Persegres Gresik in League 1 in Lamongan Surajaya Stadium, Monday (07/24/2017) Agen Domino Online. Therefore, the failure to execute a penalty ever experienced a number of big stars in the world.

“So far, Beto has always been the best in training and do not blame Beto for failing to complete the task of being a penalty taker,” said Hartono.

“World player classmate Diego Maradona had never failed in kicking a penalty,” he said again.

Recognized this Solo coach, in the game facing Persegres foster children create many opportunities. But because of a minor error, they failed to score a goal.

“In previous games when facing Bali United, we are also a lot to create chances and failed to be scored. It is a weakness that must be corrected,” said Hartono, who added that the decision does not degrade Tijani Belaid for the new players come in from Singapore to take care of Kitas.

Failure to achieve full points against Persegres make Sriwijaya FC remain in the bottom of the standings. They collected a total of 19 points and was in the order to-15, two adrift of Persela Lamongan and Persib Bandung who are above it.

Barcelona’s Left Back Against Responding Issue Neymar, What’s He Saying?

Barcelona’s Left Back Against Responding Issue Neymar, What’s He Saying?

Gerard Pique recently claimed through his Twitter account that Neymar will refuse to join PSG. This led to a reaction from Jordi Alba that he hoped Pique’s post was not a mere joke.

Pique’s post was highlighted when she posted a photo of herself with Neymar on her media social account. He gave a caption of ‘He survived’, a word intended for his colleague who is being linked with his move to PSG.

A lot of speculation emerged after the post. Until someone feels optimistic that true indeed, Neymar will reject the crazy super bid posted Les Parisiens to redeem it from Barca worth 222 million Euros. The value is a release clause in the Neymar contract.

It is enough to make Alba also want to talk about rumors of his team mate’s move. Although he admitted so far there is no conversation with Neymar on this matter. He can only hope that Pique’s post is a truth not a copy.

“You should ask Geri (Pique) about her statement,” explained Alba as quoted from Mundo Deportivo.

“I have not talked to Neymar about the subject. I do not think that’s a joke from Pique. I hope not like that. ”

Another report from the French media said that the post made Pique has surprised many parties. And indicates that the 25-year-old winger still has not determined the attitude for his future.

Hope Neymar last as long as possible

Alba said he did not know what Neymar was planning for his future. One thing he is sure is that Neymar is very happy with his life in Spain.

“Neymar is a Barca player until he tells the others. Neymar is very calm, he is very happy in Barca, ”

“I do not have to convince anyone to do anything. I’m not in the mind of any of my colleagues, ”

“For me, this is the best club in the world. I’m at home, with my family. Every player has his opinion and every player does what he should do. ”

“You must respect that Neymar is still a Barca player and we hope to have it as long as possible.” (Source: Sportskeeda)

PSV Take off Willems to Frankfurt

PSV Take off Willems to Frankfurt

PSV officially unleashed Jetro Willems to Bundesliga club Eintrancht Frankfurt Agen Domino Online.

The Dutch fullback has been given the green light to leave the club’s pre-season session, with him previously rumored to be joining the AS Roma camp.

But it turns out the player even taken by last season’s DFB-Pokal finalist Eintrancht Frankfurt, with them ready to offer a five-year contract to the 23-year-old player.

“I really want to move to a club that can give me a good perspective, about where I will be played regularly,” Willems told reporters.

“I had a good discussion with the club management and the coach. I’m sure if I can make a step forward at Eintrancht Frankfurt. “

Mourinho Reluctant to Discuss Chelsea

Mourinho Reluctant to Discuss Chelsea

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho admits he is not interested in discussing Alvaro Morata’s transfer to Chelsea.

Prior to this, the Red Devils were a club linked with Morata transfers. But their failure in reaching a price agreement with Real Madrid, made the transfer to be undone.

“I’m not at all interested in the work done by Chelsea, I’m really not interested,” said the Portuguese man told reporters.

“We need a new striker, with [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic at his best, we need other players to give cover and give us options. He and [Marcus] Rashford are not enough, especially after Zlatan’s injury. ”

“I think Chelsea have obviously shown their interest in bringing in a new striker, especially after the situation between the [Antonio Conte] and Diego [Costa] managers.”

“They will obviously bring in a new striker, and they decide to bring in Alvaro, and Alvaro is a very good player for them.”