Massacred Rome, Chelsea Will Lampiaskan to Manchester United

Massacred Rome, Chelsea Will Lampiaskan to Manchester United

Thibaut Courtois asked Chelsea soon forget the defeat of AS Roma in the Champions League on Tuesday (31/10/2017) or Wednesday morning pm Even the Belgian goalkeeper wants the Blues to vent in the game against MU this weekend.

Yes, surprisingly Chelsea dilibas 0-3 against the Capital Wolves Team. That result makes them down to the runner up position of Group C.

Courtois said the result made the Blues’ image a great club tarnished. And he hopes his team can fix it right away.

“We have to show another fight against United this Sunday because of the result against Roma I can not deny this season every game it seems difficult,” said Courtois as reported by the Evening Standard.

“We have to find the balance of the team and we also have to keep the mental to not concede,” he added.

Courtois also confused Chelsea’s performance is often inconsistent this season. Though they are targeting for the title in all competitions.

“We also do not know what happened, the spirit of struggling as if lost, when last season I was often unemployed,” said Courtois.