Emre Can Determined to Look Good in Summer

Emre Can Determined to Look Good in Summer

Liverpool midfielder Emre Can has stated that he is in the 2017-2018 competition wanting to play much better Judi Bola.

Last season the appearance of the German national team retainer, somewhat inconsistent for the team and it was after getting injured and experiencing problems on the fitness which makes it time to put in a few weeks.

However, towards the end of the season the player slowly able to reverse his best game though not completely perfect, but managed to bring the Reds to finish the English League in the fourth rank.

Even when appearing in a friendly match last weekend, Can managed to help his team win 3-0 over Hertha Berlin which took place at Olympiastadium. With a return to play in pre-season, the former Bayer Leverkusen player is determined to continue improving and improving it this summer.

“It’s a great season for me and I think it’s a great season for the team as well. Last season we did it pretty well but we can do better, so we will try to do it better this year and keep pressing, ”

“I myself want to keep improving as well and I want to have good faith and play well in the summer.

“Last season to be honest is not the best season. It was difficult for me at the start with some natural injuries and others, but in the end I feel very good, I am a bit of me playing ok and I want to keep improving and stare with a good feeling early in the season.

Meanwhile, after helping his country win the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia the 23-year-old believes it can benefit his development.

“I think it was a very proud moment and it was my first international trophy,”

“I think we did very well as a team there and we also did not expect to win the Cup. Because we played with a young team and yet we are very happy.

“It is always good to play for your country and I play with the top countries. Everyone enjoyed it and I learned a lot.

“If you win a cup then you get the trust. I have confidence and now I want to look at the season with confidence. “Emre Can said on the club’s official website.