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Neymar Could Be His PSG Messi, but …

Neymar Could Be His PSG Messi, but …

Coach of Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Unai Emery, assess Neymar could be his Lionel Messi PSG However, Emery considers Neymar still need time to develop.

“He should be given time to adapt to his teammates and our game style, he has to handle his opponent’s attack, but he has individual qualities and talents,” Emery said as quoted by Soccerway.

Neymar moved from Barcelona to PSG in the transfer market last summer. He moved with a record-breaking world transfer after PSG paid 222 million euros or Rp 3.4 trillion in Barcelona.

Rumors flourished when Neymar moved to avoid the shadow of Lionel Messi. The Brazilian is feeling, he can not be number one in Barcelona because there is a figure of Messi there.

Neymar’s decision to move to PSG proves to be right for him. In the club nicknamed Le Parisien, Neymar has scored six goals.

Emery added, PSG will assist the development of Neymar. One way to do is to watch video game Neymar.

“We went with her to watch a video to see what she can develop, how she puts herself, the transition to play, and things like that.She likes to poke, it’s a process, and she’s sure to grow,” Emery concluded.