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Pacheco Absent, Ismed Optimistic Persija Continue Positive Trends

Pacheco Absent, Ismed Optimistic Persija Continue Positive Trends


Persija Jakarta Captain Ismed Sofyan is optimistic to continue the positive trend when challenging Sriwijaya FC, Saturday (7/10/2017) future. He considered, Persija strength will not diminish despite losing center back Willian Pacheco is exposed to yellow card accumulation.


Pacheco got his second yellow card in the victory of Tiger Kemayoran 4-1 over PS TNI, Saturday (30/09/2017). Coach Alessandro Stefano Cugurra Rodrigues (Teco) can rely on Gunawan Dwi Cahyo or Ryuji Utomo as a substitute for Pacheco in the heart of Persija’s defense.


“Winning the opponents of the TNI PS could be a good capital for away and the condition of Sriwijaya FC can now also benefit us, but on the other hand, we miss Willian Pacheco at the back line,” Ismed told a Persija fan meeting at Halim Perdanakusuma on Monday. / 2017).


On the same occasion, Persija midfielder Novri Setiawan agrees on Ismed Sofyan’s comments. Novri thought his team was able to steal points at Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang due to a series of bad results obtained by his opponent’s opponent.


The condition of Sriwijaya FC is considered favorable to Persija Jakarta because they have just lost 0-2 at home to Mitra Kukar. Laskar Wong Kito also has not been able to get out of the crisis for losing six times in the last ten games.


Stuck in 13th Place


Currently Sriwijaya are also stuck in the 13th position of League 1. They are only six points adrift of relegation zone team Perseru Serui.


“We just focus our training and apply our strategy, we will have a replacement and hopefully in Palembang we can get points,” Novri said.

SEA Games 2017, Ezra Promise Bring Indonesia Sabet Bronze Medal

SEA Games 2017, Ezra Promise Bring Indonesia Sabet Bronze Medal

Naturalized striker U-22 Indonesia national team, Ezra Walian, failed to prove his tack in the SEA Games 2017 Malaysia. The player who had time to fate with West Ham United was only able to deliver Garuda to the semifinals.

As far as six games that dilakoni Luis Milla landing squad, the Dutch-born player was only twice revealed as a starter. He also only able to donate one goal and record an asset for Indonesia.

Nevertheless, the performance of Ezra Walian in the SEA Games this time received much praise from the public. Failure to bring Garuda Young squad to the final to make the former Ajax Amsterdam striker pronounced sweet promise.

Through his personal instagram account, Ezra expressed his apology and thanked the supporters of Indonesian football. Ezra also promised to work hard in the last game to be able to bring a bronze medal to Garuda Young.

Indonesia will meet Myanmar in a bronze medal match on Tuesday (29/08/2017). According to the plan, the duel took place at 15:30 pm.

Meanwhile, the final party to bring Thailand and host, Malaysia, at 19:45 pm. Thailand qualified after a 1-0 win over Myanmar, as well Malaysia won 1-0 over Indonesia….

Herkis: Many Problems

Herkis: Many Problems

Injury that befell Ivan Carlos, a severe blow for Persela Lamongan. In fact, they want to rise in the second round of this League after the humiliated Mitra Kukar in the cage match Sbobet Casino.

This adds to the long list of injured Joko Tingkir team players. Previously, Persela also has lost Ahmad Nur Hardianto and Eka Ramdani who have not been able to graze for similar reasons.

As a result, Head coach Heri Kiswanto Persela with his assistants should think hard to find a solution, especially Saddil Ramdani is also still strengthen U-22 Indonesia national team in SEA Games 2017 in Malaysia.

In fact, the team Laskar Joko Tingkir need additional points in the next match-game, to raise positions in the standings where they are still scattered in the rank-15.

“There are many obstacles. When it took points, we lost a lot of players. Conditions that become the material of thought as well, “said Herkis-familiar greeting Heri Kiswanto, as reported on the official club website.

Conditions are compounded by the absence of a number of pillars in the next game counter Persija Jakarta, Sunday (27/08/2017). Jose Coelho asked for permission to return home due to mourning, Muhammad Fahmi Al Ayyubi and Samsul Arfin exposed card accumulation.

“I think, how can Persela look good aja. I want the players to work the maximum. We have to work hard. Must be consistent aja. Players must also be disciplined, “said Herkis.

Indonesia Must Be Proud to Have Extraordinary National Team Players

Indonesia Must Be Proud to Have Extraordinary National Team Players

Indonesia U-22 national team is only able to play a goalless draw versus Vietnam national team in the fourth game of Group B SEA Games 2017, Tuesday (22/08/2017). However, the national team play in the game deserves to make this nation proud.

The national team U-22 Indonesia played with 10 men after Hanif Sjahbandi sent off in the 63rd minute. However, the fighting spirit Hansamu Yama cs so high that it can force the results 0-0 last until the final whistle.

“Before answering questions, I want to thank the people of Indonesia who have come here throughout the tournament,” said Luis Milla at a press conference session Pascalaga also attended

“Secondly, congratulations to the players who performed very well I want the Indonesian people to be proud that their players have been playing well and struggling fully throughout the game,” said the Spaniard.

The draw has indeed left Indonesia in third place Group B with 8 points, two points behind Vietnam and Thailand. However, the last two countries will face each other in the final match.

If in Vietnam vs Thailand one team win, Hansamu cs enough win with any score against Cambodia who always lose from four previous games.

Another case if Vietnam vs Thailand play a draw. Because the first measured is productivity, Indonesia must win with a minimum score of difference of three goals to qualify.

Do not Blame Beto!

Do not Blame Beto!

Coach FC, Hartono Ruslan, ask the supporters of the team nicknamed Laskar Wong Kito Alberto Goncalves was not to blame for failing to score a goal against Persegres Gresik in League 1 in Lamongan Surajaya Stadium, Monday (07/24/2017) Agen Domino Online. Therefore, the failure to execute a penalty ever experienced a number of big stars in the world.

“So far, Beto has always been the best in training and do not blame Beto for failing to complete the task of being a penalty taker,” said Hartono.

“World player classmate Diego Maradona had never failed in kicking a penalty,” he said again.

Recognized this Solo coach, in the game facing Persegres foster children create many opportunities. But because of a minor error, they failed to score a goal.

“In previous games when facing Bali United, we are also a lot to create chances and failed to be scored. It is a weakness that must be corrected,” said Hartono, who added that the decision does not degrade Tijani Belaid for the new players come in from Singapore to take care of Kitas.

Failure to achieve full points against Persegres make Sriwijaya FC remain in the bottom of the standings. They collected a total of 19 points and was in the order to-15, two adrift of Persela Lamongan and Persib Bandung who are above it.